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Our Mission

We are a Christian organization that works to improve the life quality of children, teenagers, and the most vulnerable families; promoting values, comprehensive development, and social inclusion.

Our Vision

"For every child to enjoy their rights and full life in strengthened families"

About startup

Know Our History

Our association was born through recognizing the vulnerability of a group of children with disabilities (cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, deafness, autism, among others …) in situations of poverty in Manchay, from our love for them and lots of will … Our work is inspired by the lives of young people in the United States who have achieved success due to the support of their families and the systemic opportunities they received. And the strength comes from our faith.

Thus, the community, volunteers and families of children with disabilities came together to change the reality of children with disabilities in Manchay. We started collecting money through raffles and small donations to meet the basic needs of our humble rehabilitation center, which we made alive due to the participation of student volunteers from the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of the National University Mayor de San Marcos.

Today our Community Rehabilitation Center offers physical therapies, empowerment workshops for parents and different family support services. Likewise, we are providing training to teachers on inclusive education in local schools and we are monitoring cases of children who are in a situation of school exclusion. Through our work, we seek to promote the recognition of difference, the potential of each boy and girl, and inclusive education.

We still have a long way to go to be sustainable, but we are grateful for what has been achieved so far and the support that different friends and partners had given us. The Direction of Social Responsibility of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos; the Peruvian Society of Down Syndrome, the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Institute, providing technical advice for our actions; the Community of Portada 3 of Manchay; the Health Facility in Portada de Manchay; the US Embassy which funded the project "No children left behind"; the volunteers from the San Marcos University of the Physical Therapy Department; volunteers from "Faith in Action" and different churches that had collected funds and collaborated in the different activities we carry out; and of course, the mothers and fathers of our children, without whose participation and support our actions would not be possible.

Who does it

Know Our Team

Silvia Hurtado Sánchez

President, Community Relations

Fiorella Guerrero Calle

Institutional Relationships, Strategic Planning

Edwin Espinoza Alejandro

Treasury, Education

Alejandro Rivas Alva

Legal Advice

Dr. Mercedes Alva

Fundraising Secretary

Jose Salvatierra Rivera


Other Members

Volunteers from

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Physical Therapy Universidad Nacional Federico Villareal, Social Work and many others...

Mothers and fathers of our children, without whose participation and support our actions are not possible.