Comprehensive Care

Family- Centered


What We Do

Comprehensive Care

We provide physical, speech, and occupational therapy services for children with disabilities to help them achieve functionality and autonomy.

Currently, we have an agreement with the Social Responsibility Department of the UNMSM to provide free and subsidized services to families of children with disabilities.

What We Do

Our Services

Physical Therapy

Basic physical therapy serves children with varying disabilities.

We provide the following services:

Occupational Therapy

We provide occupational therapy services for children with disabilities to improve their motor skills, balance, and coordination. This makes it easier for them to carry out their basic tasks and improve their self-esteem.

Speech Therapy

We provide personalized attention to boys and girls with language disorders (dyslalia, dyscalculia, stuttering or dysphemia, dyslexia, and others).

Family Empowerment

We work under the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, promoting the social model (rights model) and inclusive education.

We hold workshops for parents to help them believe in their child’s potential, learn their rights, and be equipped to access opportunities for their children.

Accompaniment in Educational Inclusion

We accompany families so that they can enroll their children in school and/or achieve real inclusion for their children in local schools.

Workshops for Families

Families receive free workshops on self-care, rights, opportunities, and how to support their children’s developmental process.

Workshops in teachers in Inclusive Education

We hold workshops on inclusive education for regular elementary teachers in local schools to improve the educational experience of boys and girls with disabilities.