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What We Do

Volunteering that transforms lives

Volunteering is one of the pillars at Warmakuna Hope. Even our founders are 100% volunteers, and we have been operating thanks to the passion of dozens of volunteers who have embraced our cause.

The will moved by love and our faith in Jesus Christ has made each of our achievements possible.

Volunteering for

Three Months

If you have a vocation for service and can commit to attending Manchay for a minimum period of 3 months, this volunteering is for you!

We promote the development of personal ties and a vision that is committed to the dignity of people and the development of their full potential.



Volunteering for


Meet kids who will steal your heart and be a spokesperson for our cause!

You may not have much time, but you want to leave a timely contribution and get to know our work. The volunteers are specialized professionals and / or students who participate for one to three days.

You and your friends can join! In Manchay we will welcome you with open arms!


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